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In the next week, I turn 25! As I still here patiently awaiting my quarter life crisis to come smashing into my life I wanted to reflect on 24. I’ts weird, looking back now I don’t recall much about being 24 that stands out. I feel like I finally transitioned into being an adult and now the years all just seem like a blur.. is this  the age when we starting dreading birthdays?!

When I think about being 25 I am excited about a lot of things. First of all, I will be able to rent a car! Who knew how thrilling that could be! But I think for the first time in a while 25 will bring some stability into my life. I am happy with my career, happy with my personal life and I seem to have found a passion in blogging that really motivates me. 24 was like one of those roads with a ton of speed-bumps… you know the ones that you avoid driving on at all cost?! hehe. But looking back I’ve learned a lot so I want to share with you 24 Things I learned While I Was 24. And if any of my speed-bumps help you out or make you laugh then I would say that is a success!!

  1. Reading can be a good thing. Now hear me out, I am not talking text books or cheesy romance novels (although I do love those). But reading a self help book or even a book about finance can really help put things into perspective. Follow me on goodreads if you want to know more about what I am reading!
  2. Saving money doesn’t have to be frustrating. Everyone else’s methods to save might not work for you. And that’s okay. Try something new and if it doesn’t work, try something else. Its so easy to get frustrated but like anything else in life, its a learning experience. If you are looking for a good finical app, I recommend Mint. The visual tools and alerts really helped me see where my spending trends fall.
  3. Try paying off your smallest bill. Society tells us to focus on paying down our largest debts first, aka student loans. But by paying off something smaller first like a credit card, there is a quicker reward. And you are more likely to feel encouraged to save and continue to tackle other debts.
  4. Follow your heart. Super cliche, but in the end you’ll appreciate taking a chance on your heart rather than listening to your brain.
  5. Better to know the outcome than to ask “what if?”. Even in the outcome wasn’t as anticipated, I have never hated myself for taking a chance.
  6. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t doubt yourself.
  7. Try everything. Your 20’s are a time of self discovery. Even a little spark of interest can turn into a raging fire of passion.
  8. Your parents are your best friends. Having a relationship with your parents as an adult is seriously the best! They really do have your best intentions in mind and give the best advice. Don’t forget to give them a call.
  9. No one else knows what they are doing either. The secrets out…. no one really knows how to adult. And there isn’t a right or a wrong way of doing it either. Don’t fall into the trap that others have it all planned out. Because behind closed doors they are probably jut as lost as you.
  10. Be Patient. I am still working on this one… but patience really is a virtue. Enjoy today and live in the moment. No need rushing the greatness of today for the uncertainty of tomorrow.
  11. There is no such thing has having too many candles. It seems sill but scents can transform a room and a mood. Cerian scents can calm down even the worst of days. Candles are like shoes, you need one for every occasion and you can never have too many.
  12. Being “domestic” isn’t a bad thing. I always had the mentality that being “domesticated” was not for me. I couldn’t imagine cooking and cleaning all day for someone else. But don’t underestimate the power of being able to sew a hole in a ripped pair of pants or how to cook an amazing meal.
  13. If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go. This goes for clothes, relationships, jobs- you name it! No reason holding on to something that isn’t doing it for you!
  14. Breakfast (& coffee) really is the most important meal of the day. Make time to feed your body. Yes, Mom was right…. I know waking up at 6 am totally sucks but you’ll be surprised what a difference a good breakfast makes.
  15. Just because you don’t talk everyday doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. Friendships like any relationship take work, but being a true friend also means understanding other responsibilities sometimes take priority.
  16. Get a dog. Lifelong best friend, enough said.
  17. We all have that one TV show that changed our life. Go find yours. #teamgossipgirl
  18. A good fitting pair of jeans is all you need to conquer the world. If you think I am kidding, you haven’t found your pair yet! Personal fav: Levi 721 skinnie
  19. Nights spent in are often the best nights. I used to dread Saturday nights when I didn’t have plans. Now I live for them!
  20. You are more than a number. Whether it be a number on a scale or a number on social media. You are so much more than a number! Our worth is not defined numerically.
  21. Hangovers only get worse from here… I thought that only happened to my parent and old people in movies. Pedialyte low key is a life saver.
  22. When you find something good, hold on to it. Loving should be easy.
  23. That thing you’ve been wanting to do… do it! Bucket lists only work if you actively particpate!
  24. Navigating your 20’s can be tricky.  Thank you to everyone who has helped, supported and loved me along the way. You have made 24 so wonderful. I hope you have learned something about me from sharing these 24 Things I learned While I Was 24. I can’t wait for 25!

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