life update + winter playlist

This week i’ve done a lot of sitting in, getting cozy and just enjoying the cooler weather. So if you too are in the mood to relax and enjoy some great music, i’ve linked my new Winter Playlist of all the songs I have been listening too lately for you guys to listen to while reading! As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my life update + winter playlist!

Life update on our new place… I think we are finally moved in. I think having the holidays quickly approaching has made this new home seem so much cozier. I love being able to turn the fireplace on for ambiance and also warmth! Our sweet pups seem to be liking the new neighborhood, especially the sheep that live at the end of the neighborhood. Yep, I said sheep.. the cutest small farm with sheep. The pups love our walks to the sheep! It feels so nice to have a place the suits us so well.

Life update on being young and in debit… so on Monday I did in fact have my first taste of a quarter life crisis. I took a further look at my student loans… so many emotions. I am lucky enough to have no where near the amount many of my friends had but I still am struggling to get over the hump with my student loans. I’ve been doing a lot of research into what methods for paying it off are best fore me and I think ill test a few and share my findings with you all. Money is such a hard thing to talk about but I think it also is SO important to talk about! So stay tuned!

Life update on finding what you love to do… I’ve been doing a little soul searching lately when it comes to my professional life. I’ve come to realize that I haven’t been challenging myself like I would like to be. So I am dedicating some time each day to write down what I loved about the day and what I didn’t. Finding your passion is half the battle. If you are serious about something and have the fuel for the long road, stop waiting!

Life update on love… I had a moment on Tuesday while at diner. Justin had come home in his suit bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers he had made for me himself and treated me to dinner. Sitting there at dinner we toasted our half price martinis to my 5th annual 21st birthday (that’s what Justin calls it) and I just looked at him and smiled. But not a normal smile, this was a smile on the inside AND the outside kind of smile. One of those moments you know you will remember. In that moment I was so happy with what I had. Too often I find myself so pressed with imaginary timelines and where I want us to be. And in that exact moment I was so happy for where we are NOW.


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