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Now is the time of year where there are a million holiday parties to attend. And wether it be a work party, family party or a house party with friends these parties all have one thing in common… the white elephant gifts! If you’ve never heard of a white elephant giveaway its a fun, tacky take on your classic secret Santa.

White Elephant: (noun) a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.

And while there are “official rules” to how your supposed to play the white elephant gift exchange, I think half of the fun of the game is the uncertainty!

Each person or couple is supposed to bring a unique gift (emphasis on the unique) wrapped to contribute to the common pool. Everyone then draws numbers to determine the order of who picks gifts. Player 1 then picks a gift without knowing who contributed what gift and what each present might actually contain. Deception is a fun way to think about wrapping your gifts!

The next player or couple then selects their gift, but heres the catch – they can steal a present that has already been opened if it is something they would like! So presents can be passed around numerous times and you never end up with the same present you opened!

Presents can be stolen a max of 3 times before the final steal is the last. After everyone has selected and opened a gift the first player gets a chance to steal. Once the last person declines a steal, the game is over!

The best white elephant gifts are the unique, funny and useful gifts! Here are some of my favorite white elephant gifts for the 2017 Holiday Season!

Funny Gifts

 Holiday Gifts

Girls Gifts

 Drinking Gifts

I hope you like these gifts I selected! I am beyond excited to attend all the holiday parties this year and I can’t wait to see what white elephant gifts we get!!

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