Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone has a great weekend! It’s crazy to think that we are already one weekend closer to Christmas! December is flying by. Unfortunately I am a bit under the weather today but I wanted to share with you a trend alert I’ve been noticing all over my social feed! Trend Alert: Chenille Sweaters!

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this trend come about I had to do my research. Turns out I’m not the only one who didn’t know what it was either! ­čÖł Chenille is actually French for caterpillar, whose fur the yarn in Chenille fabric resembles. How cool is that?!

I love this trend for a lot of reasons but mostly because Chenille sweaters are the perfect cozy sweater for Winter! So soft and perfect for layering. The texture reminds me of velvet without the leotard vibes. I’ve been seeing a variety of styles – everything from belle sleeved sweaters, perforated sweaters to pullovers but I think my favorite is the classic sweater I am wearing below.


Have you tried any Chenille styles? If so, are you loving it as much as I am!? Leave me your thoughts on my sweater and this trend alert below! As always, thanks for stopping by! XO

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