Beanies have quickly become one of my favorite cold weather trends! You have probably noticed this has been a major trend among fashion bloggers {#teambeaniebabe}, especially with this winter being one of the coldest in something like 100 years! I wish I was making this up but apparently its called a “bomb cyclone“. Anyway… I like to think of beanies as having both functionality and fun!

I purchased this beanie from target for under $12! I loved the neutral color and fun fur pom. I was also gifted two other beanies for Christmas that I talked about in my Christmas Day Haul post. Both have been put to great use already this winter!

Do you like wearing beanies? Are you also a beanie babe?! Let me know how you are staying warm this winter and what other cold weather trends you are loving!

My Christmas Beanies: Wool Elephant Beanie // New York Giants Beanie

2 thoughts on “Beanie Babe”

  1. It’s definitely the perfect time right now for hats!! It’s been so cold lately! :[ That beanie is super cute, and I love that it’s so affordable! Gotta love Target! <3

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