Snow bunny season is basically here and I am so excited! I’ll be honest, I had never participated in snow sports (with the exception of tubing) until I started dating Justin. Its a huge part of his family and it was something I new I was just going to have to learn.

Last year was my first year travelling with the Murphy clan to Vermont (basically the Canadian border) for their annual ski trip! My biggest concern other than falling was if I was going to be warm enough. I typically run very cold, so much so that Justin jokes with me and calls me a lizard. Prepping for that many days of outdoor fun and not having a clue what would keep me warm was a huge struggle. Luckily his family was super helpful but in the end there was still a lot that I needed to purchase for the trip.

The Base Layer – For me this was the most important layer. I purchased fleece lined leggings and a ton of waffle weave thermals. This layer is supposed to keep heat close to the body and draw moisture away. I found that this layer needed to be able to move but also stay close to my body so I didn’t end up looking like a marshmallow.

The Middle Layer – A comfy fleece pullover or a Sherpa sweatshirt is perfect for this middle layer. Most of Justin’s family runs hot and skips this layer all together opting just for the outer layer.

The Outer Layer – This is your traditional ski pants and ski jacket. I opted for pants rather than a bib but you are going to want to make sure this layer is water and windproof. I find that a longer ski jacket is better for snowboarding because there is a lot of sitting and falling on your butt. But maybe that is just me! haha

Head Wear – You’d be surprised just how cold your face will get on the mountain when the wind picks up. Last year I used an extra gator face mask that Justin had, but I think I this year I will be able to use just a neck collar since we wont be going to basically Canada haha. A traditional beanie was perfect, and of course I had to rep the NY Giants on the mountain.

Goggles –  I never realized how important goggles are when its snowing. Justin’s goggles have different lenses for the types of weather you might encounter on the mountain. And at first I thought this was a bit extreme,  until the weather changed and I couldn’t see a thing coming down the mountain.

Hands & Feet – Wool socks and gloves are a must. I actually prefer the mittens  over gloves because I feel like my fingers stayed warmer all bundled into one mitten.  Also, hot hands are gods gift to skiers.

I’ve quickly come to look forward to our annual ski trips! So if you are a first timer on the mountain like me, don’t be nervous!! Just be prepared! The winter wonderland is so beautiful its definitely worth the cold. See you on the slopes!










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