As many of you might have seen on instagram lately, beauty brand Kopari, has suddenly become very popular among the top bloggers of the IG world. And for good reason! Their coconut oil based beauty products are all organic, no GMO and not tested on animals. So naturally (pun intended), I’m interested in their products and wanted to try them out and share my Kopari Beauty Review with you!

A little backstory… I often am very skeptical about a brand that “suddenly” becomes popular on IG. But while shopping in Sephora last month, I saw the Kopari Coconut Melt was featured as a new trending item. I tried the sample and honestly was amazed by how much I liked the melt. Not only did I like how it made my skin feel, I walked away smelling like an Almond Mound which is basically the best thing everrrr to me! So when I saw they were running a deal on their Multitasking kit for only $25 I jumped on the opportunity!

In the Multitasking Kit you get travel sizes of the coconut melt, coconut sheer oil, coconut balm and coconut body glow. After testing all of the products out, here is my Kopari Beauty Review!

Coconut Melt

By far my favorite product of the kit, you can literally use this product for anything! I used it on dry ski, cuticles and taming my flyaways. The smell is amazing and the results were too!

Coconut Sheer Oil

After cleansing and moisturizing each night before bed, I would rub a drop or two of the sheer oil onto my face to help keep the moisture in overnight. For being an oil based product, I loved how light and sheer it felt on my face and have added it to my nightly routine.

Coconut Balm

The balm was a bit thicker than the other products and I felt the consistency made it hard for me to feel comfortable using it on my face and other areas of sensitive skin. However I did use it on my heels and cuticles and loved how it repaired some of my most damaged skin.

Coconut Body Glow

Kinda like liquid bronzer in a bottle except it smells infinitely better. I used a touch of this glow on my cheek bones and nose to hopefully make me look not so pale.

Overall, I really liked the products I used. Kopari also sells other amazing products like coconut face cream and cleansing oils. I definitely am eager to try out some of their other products after doing my own Kopari Beauty Review!  Let me know if you’ve tried these products too and if you loved them as much as I did! And as always you can check out my other beauty favorites here.


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