After nearly 4 years of living in the Queen City, Justin and I are finally ready to put down roots! Official roots that is! We are looking to purchase our very first home! This has been something we have talked about for what feels like forever and it is so surreal taking the first steps in our house hunting journey. Let the house hunting commence!

We started having conversations more seriously last fall when we signed yet another lease (eye roll). We were getting fed up with paying someone else’s home mortgage and wanted to make moves towards a home of our own. But we thought we were no where near ready to buy a home. I mean this will be our biggest purchase to date and a major step for our relationship! eeep!  But the more we talked about it, and the more I pushed him, the more we realized it could very well be a reality for us.

Last month we sat down with our realtor for the first time. It was so scary talking to a professional about things you want and ultimately where your finances are and if your dreams are actual possibilities. To both of our surprise, the meet up went better than anticipated and we walked away feeling like this really was a reality for us.

We are doing our research online for now to determine what we actually like and where in Charlotte we want to be. But closer to the end of spring we will start the fun part — house hunting! I can’t wait to tour homes and try to imagine our life and our future family bringing life to these homes! So stay tuned for the next step in our journey, I can’t wait to share this journey with ya’ll!

I am by no means a house hunting expert but we have learned a lot through this process already and I hope that some of what we have learned might ease this process for future home buyers! Here were some of our biggest questions before starting this process.



Can I really afford a house?

You never know until you try! I suggest contacting a local lender to talk about your finances and if you can make your dreams a reality! In the meantime save, save, save.

What is your biggest fear when buying your first home?

Honestly the housing market is crazy right now. Its a sellers market, meaning the sellers have the upper hand. Homes are selling for asking price if not more and they are going like hotcakes. This means that you could fall in love with a house and potentially not end up getting it. This is our biggest fear! Our realtor has done a great job of easing our nerves and telling us that although this does happen, its not as frequent as it may seem.

How did you pinpoint what you wanted?

Justin and I had a lot of conversations about dream homes. We both know that this will not be our forever home so we are trying to keep in mind that this is a starter home (5 years or less). However we did ask each other what were the top 3 features  that we must have in order to buy a home. Our top 3 features were fairly aligned but there are a ton of factors that affect which house works for you. Honestly and openness is crucial for this conversation.

  • Location (commute to work and the grocery store)
  • Yard space (for the pups obvi)
  • Quality (we both agree that we want a sound home, even if it takes some TLC)
Where did you first do your research?

We used for most of our initial research. We found that sites like Trulia and Zillow did not update in real time so a house we might have liked was already under contract by the time we saw it on those sites. But by using a combination of all 3 sites we were able to pinpoint what area of town had homes in our budget which was a huge help!

There is sooooo much more I could share about what we’ve learned in the initial steps in this process! Please please please let me know if you have any advice or any other questions because we are still learning! I can’t wait to take you all on this house hunting journey and find our first home together! Let the house hunting commence!


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