Its finally starting to feel like spring and my heart is sooo happy! I’ve been opening the windows and letting the warm air fill our house. No AC needed kinda days. The sun us staying up later which is a welcome change too.

Life lately has been nothing short of crazy. As you might have seen in my last post, we are in the process of buying our first home. And just as we are looking to find our first home together, my parents are moving out of our childhood home. We knew this day was coming but after 26 years it still stings a bit. Honestly I am surprised with myself at just how well I have kept it together thus far. But just this weekend thinking about spending out last Easter in my childhood home got me choked up. This might be the last time we might wait at the top of those stair before my parents let us come down the stairs to see what the Easter bunny brought us. Yes, we are 20 & 25 years old, but its tradition. And we Saxon’s love our traditions.

Justin and I are also looking at potentially adopting an older pup to bring into our home. Our sweet Bailey bear has been dealing with separation anxiety since splitting her from her friends. It breaks my heart to see her so upset, she just wants to be held all day. And if I could, I promise I would.

I am welcoming all the changes as best as I can; trying to remember to keep a thankful heart. Remembering all the great things that come from change. It challenges us but also is the only to move towards what we truly want.

Just know that if you too are feeling the weight of the change in your life lately, you are not alone. But I truly believe that life has a funny way of showing us where we really belong.


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