Have you heard lately? Apparently Instagram is dead. Now I won’t go so far as to agree with that statement but I do think a wave of change is coming. Bloggers first and foremost are real people. And with the recent changes to yet another “algorithm” and the many other challenges facing bloggers and influencers in the social space there are a lot of us in the industry that feel the pressure. So much of what we do feels out of our control. But I am here to tell you exactly why micro bloggers are the new thing!

If I hear the words shadow ban or algorithm one more time, I might scream. And I am sure many of you also feel the same way! We are taught that being an influencer is all about the number, more so all about the number of people following us that we supposedly have influence over. I’ll be the first to tell you that half the numbers you see other influences with are fake. I was in an engagement pod with one girl who literally went from 2k followers to 23k followers in a month. That’s not to say that its impossible or to speak ill about those that do have 23k followers, but that is just the reality of the influencer space these day. Everyone is looking for the quick fix and trying to make their way to the top without putting an ounce of effort into the process.

That is when I first heard the term “mirco blogger”. Initially I took it as an insult directed at those of us in the industry that don’t have the same follower count as our peers. But when I started to do my research thats when I realized that term is meant more as a tool to empower new and smaller influencers to accept the cards we’ve been dealt but also realize we do still stand in a position of power.

And thats where that wave of change comes in.¬†Micro bloggers may be small but we are powerful and here’s why.

producing quality content

As micro bloggers we know we must work 10 x’s as hard to find new ideas that make us stand out from the vast sea of influencers. Micro bloggers are some of the truest content creators. Constantly searching for new ideas can be a daunting task and honestly it can be hard to stay positive at times. It would be much easier to follow the path to success that others have forged but where is the fun in that?

staying authentic to ourselves

Part of being a content creator means choosing the long hard road of defining our own success. We are transparent, speak our mind and do what makes us feel good not just what others are doing.

Our biggest super power is that no one can do what we do best, and that is being true to ourselves! Readers and followers trust us because we are authentic and relatable which in turn creates value for brands. But the second we take those free collaborations (even I’m guilty *cough cough* Jord Wood Watches) we loose our authenticity and credibility with our readers.

real genuine readers

And lastly, the reason we do what we do the real lives we touch. Even its a simple emoji on a instagram post or maybe its a dm about how someone else relates to something you shared with your followers. Our followers aren’t paid or coerced and best of all they are engaging. No need to prompt a response because what we are sharing to our readers is empowering them to open up as well.

In this space there isn’t much you can control, but rather than focus on the gaps and things out of our control lets focus on the win’s, success stories and be proud of what we do. Micro blogging is a huge opportunity within the industry so be brave and know that your other micro bloggers are here to support you!

If you are interested in learning more and joining the conversation about the rise of micro bloggers check out the micro bloggers network facebook group! Open to any and all influencers looking for a genuine creative community to call home. And feel free to use the hashtag #microbloggernetwork so we can support each other!

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