Last time I wrote a post about our house hunting search was in late March and we were only in the infancy stages of buying a house. Or so I thought! In a whirlwind series of events, Justin and I purchased a home in early May! So here is my House Hunting Update: We Bought A House!


Let me explain what I mean about whirlwind… We had been looking at homes for the past few weekend and seemed to really be narrowing down what our priorities were and what part of town we wanted to end up buying in. Turns out our dream home was posted on a Monday and by the time we saw the listing online it was Tuesday afternoon. After quickly contacting our realtor, he informed us that there were already multiple offers in on the house and they would only be accepting offers until 6 pm that evening.

So to recap, the house was listed Monday but the homeowners were only accepting offers until Tuesday evening. Talk about a hot market!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the house to see it in person before 6 pm that Tuesday so Justin left work early and face-timed me while he and our realtor walked through the home.  We felt that after a quick walk through, this could definitely be our dream home. So with just an hour to spare, we began drafting up our offer letter. Once we submitted our offer we played the waiting game for a few hours until our realtor called us that night to tell us the homeowners accepted our offer!!

In full transparency my initial reaction was to sob. I was in complete shock! We had just bought a house months before we had planned and I had basically bought it sight unseen! But once the initial shock faded and dollar signs stopped spinning in my head the excitement began to set in. And now less than 3 weeks from we close, the fun part is starting!

I’ve created all my Pinterest dream boards for wall colors and tile and everything else that we will need for our new home! If you want to see what we’ve got in mind you can check those boards out here! I can’t wait to share more with you because although our house hunting journey is over, the fun is just only beginning! 


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