Hi there! I’m Allison. It is so nice to {e}meet you!! I am a 25-year old young professional by day, blogger by night, currently residing in Charlotte, NC. I live with my boyfriend, Justin and our sweet pup, Bailey! I am so happy that you made it to my little corner of the world.

This blog came about in January of 2017 after lots of thought, research and just the right push from friends and family. Here you can expect to find everything from travel to lifestyle, relationship advice, style and most importantly an open platform where I can share my heart with everyone.


I was born in Wilmington, NC where my parents raised my younger sister and I on Barney, Hannah Montana and competitive gymnastics. My mother, sister and I are all die hard NY Giants fan and our love for the Big Blue wrecking crew knows no bounds. My Dad and I share a obsession for anything Disney, in fact we’ve been nearly every year since I was 3. I even worked in EPCOT for a semester! I am not sure how I would have made it in life without my sister. She is so full of energy and laughter I never knew that having a sister meant I would have a built in best friend.  She is one of the greatest gifts I could have asked for.

My Love

I was lucky enough to meet Justin at UNCW early into my Freshman year of college. At a Halloween party dressed as Eli Manning (I’m not kidding about the Giants obsession) and he was dressed as Iceman from Top Gun. A few dates later, it turns out he wasn’t blonde just really committed to a great costume. We’ve been in Charlotte for almost 4 years now on one heck of an adventure. And for now, its all the adventure we need.


I have truly been blessed when it comes to my friends. With each new chapter of life, I meet more and more amazing people and am continually reminded just how blessed I am to know such support and love.


Allisonsaxon.com may earn compensation from advertising, affiliate programs such as RewardStyle, brand collaborations, etc. Anything that has been gifted will show “brought to you by”.

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